Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012


Yesterday evening I have decided to write my own blog, since here in Germany I frequently encounter the problem, that Newspapers delete talkbacks that are pro-Israel.

I find this problematic, but I am not able to change it. Nevertheless I want to write on the issues, that are on my mind and I don't want to be censored.

After I created two different blogs I decided to use
Google's blogger service. I did this yesterday late evening and of course I didn't read the terms of usage for the time being. Today I caught up on this and first saw myself confronted with numerous references on copyright issues.

So what now?
I decided to take a somewhat scientific approach. So you will always find a list of references, a bibliography, footnotes and appendices if I find this necessary.

Unfortunately the internet forgets some things. Sometimes I encounter a news article, missing. Nevertheless, if I refer to it, I will refer to it along with the source and date published.

And now I will try to start this.

To be honest, I don't know where this will lead me to.

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