Donnerstag, 26. Januar 2012


I am reading quite a number of OnLine news magazines. So there are a few important publications and there are a few I just like to read. Of course there also are some, I don't like to read, but I read them anyway.

I find it hard to separate left wing from right wing.
I only want to distinguish between extreme and moderate.

At the end of the day, I read all I get and then I to form a view on an issue. Most time I take several views, but of course I always have preferred perspectives.

So, I will be writing about Middle East (ME) policies.

Over the time, I will be using acronyms and I will try to maintain a list of abbreviations and a glossary, so that it will be easier to get through my texts.

I believe, there is almost no region in the world where conflicts are more interlinked with many other things and we always need to ask: "Cui Bono?"

In many cases we will find the stakeholder somewhere outside the ME. I cannot write about all this and of course I will not try, but I will try to cover a wide range of issues and tie them to the attitudes of the protagonists.

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